Horizon Energy Global Corporation (the “Company”) has recently positioned itself as a “new generation” energy company, integrating traditional oil and gas exploration and production with carbon capture and sequestration projects that mitigate climate change.

The Company’s three core asset areas are: (i) onshore California containing lower risk oil and gas development and exploration prospects supported by modern 3D seismic data generating near-term cash flow; (ii) offshore United Kingdom and offshore Denmark comprised of higher risk, very large oil and gas exploration prospects in the North Sea supported by modern 3D seismic data; and (iii) Oklahoma, Texas and California where Horizon is developing sizeable carbon capture, utilization and storage (“CCUS”) projects. 

The Company’s oil and gas focus areas are strategically situated in historically prolific, producing basins where high production rates associated with large hydrocarbon accumulations have provided companies the opportunity to achieve rapid payback and high multiple returns on invested capital.  The Company’s advanced, technology-based exploration methodology deployed in its California operations, which has resulted in two significant oil discoveries, has been transferred to and replicated in our North Sea exploration portfolio.

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The Company was formed in July 2022 through a combination of two predecessor affiliated companies that were established in 2015 and 2019. Together, over the past seven years, these companies invested substantial capital in exploration, development and production activities. In May 2023, the Company formed a CCUS subsidiary, NexGen Carbon Solutions, LLC, to become an active participant in the rapidly developing CCUS industry and to take advantage of several attractive greenfield opportunities identified by the Company.